Towels for dancers and musicians that look and feel like elegant scarves.

For Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, Boogie Woogie,
and everyone who loves dancing!

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The perfect present for those who care for others and themselves!

Almost all dancers prefere to dance with a less sweaty partner. 
That's why we bring extra shirts, right? 

Most have already thought about bringing a towel, too, but .... usually they make you look like a sauna goer who took the wrong exit and ended up at a Swing Festival.

The Dance Towels are towels for those who know that bringing a towel is something you do because you care for your dance partners.
They are towels for dancers who dress and sweat in style. 

Professional dancers
love the Dance Towels

"The Dance Towels are fantastic" 
[Bobby White -  Swungover]

"Kind of the perfect accessory for swing dancing" 
[Jonathan Stout - and his campus five]

"Dance Towels are amazing!" 
[Gosia Aniolkowska - Shimshag]

"Super soft and absorbant, these Dance Towels." 
[Ali Taghavi - SwingStep] 

"Dance Towels have beautiful thoughtful design, super soft fabric and are really practical, too!" 
[Joseph Sewell - Swingopedia - Jiveswing]

"I was so happy you can’t imagine and we're using the towels already. 
You are simply amazing!" 
[Tanya - Sondre & Tanya]

"I just dried my sweaty face with a napkin and then I remembered I had a swanky Dance Towel! Thanks @Dancetowels" [Jo Hoffberg -]

Dance Towels make dancers happy

BJ Dancetowels logo

Why is it normal for people to bring a towel to the gym, but why do we rarely see towels at dance events, where people sweat just as much? 
Why do we either not bring any, or if we do, why do we feel the need to hide them?

After leaving the dancefloor soaked again one night, we thought: "Is it possible to create a towel that I would not hide? Does a towel have to be ugly, or is it possible to express personality, style, self care and care for others via a towel?" 

We spent months trying to find someone who could create a prototype that would fit our standards. Fast drying, highly absorbing, often washable, washable at 60°C, high quality pattern on both sides, till finally on December 10th 2020 our final prototypes arrived and they were more stunning than we had ever imagined.

Now, Dancetowels are seen all across the world, from the center of Germany to swing dancers, musicians, Lindy Hoppers in Honolulu, Canada, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, France, Jersey .... there are just too many to name them all. 

The greatest part for us is that thanks to the Dancetowels for so many people it has become normal to bring a towel to dance evenings and you can finally show that you care for your dance partners by having a towel with you. It has become more than just a nasty piece of cloth that you hide in your bag. Towels for dancers have become accessories that show style and care for yourself and your partners. Dancetowels are part of a real movement within the Lindy Hop community towards a more care for each other.

After all... bringing a towel to a dance event isn't primarily something you do for yourself. You bring it because you care for your dance partners.

That's what we are most proud of. That, and the pictures of all the happy faces we get from the people that got them as a present.