By Dancers for Dancers!

Lindy hop couple dancing in front of brick wall

We are dancers!

We, that's alphabetical: Annika, Benedikt and Gosia, we created this project from nothing in 2020, when noone of us could go out and dance.
We are all dancers, performers, DJ's, teachers and musicians and we LOVE swing music and dancing. 
If you want to meet us, just go to any swing festival and there is a good chance you will find at least one of us there and say hallo, we would love to meet you.

Man listening to a record in front of a green background

Why we created Dancetowels?

We want to honor those who move the Swing-Music and Swing-Dancing community forward. Those who think that it's important to care for one another. Those who want to make the evening the greatest experience for others. Those who know that carrying a towel is a favor they do to everyone around them. Those for whom style and elegance is mandatory. We do this by giving them a towel with which they dont have to hide in the corner, but can be proud to wear.

Gosia Yes we can! Yellow Pink

Designed by the history and the future of Swing-Dances!

We are emissaries of the history and the future of Swing so all our designs are based deeply in the roots of the dance and the music. 
Every design caters to a very specific element of Swing history and there are hundreds of stories woven right into the design. The roots of Lindy-Hop in the savoy. If you dive your head into the towel you dive right into the spirit of the era that it represents. 

Contact us:

Man with BJ Dancetowel jumping at skatepark Benedikt Jockenhöfer

Benedikt Jockenhöfer 

Hey there, this is Benedikt, 

I actually created BJ Dancetowels, because I wanted an elegant towel for myself to bring to my dance evenings that was not neon orange.

So I thought: "Why dont I create towels that actually look amazing and make them available for everybody?" 

I was totally overwealmed by all the positive feedback we got so far. And with your help we can make everyone in the swing-scene have an amazing towel that looks good and helps to make the dancing an even greater experience for our partners.

Yours, Benedikt