Our team is made up of 100% dancers and musicians, so the experience of years on the dancefloor and on stage flows into the developement of these towels. 

Every feature is carefully thought through and tested. 

Feel free to ask us anything, we are completely transparent.

It's all about showing that personal hygiene and perfect style are not opposites. They belong together!

Are they towels or scarfs?

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They are both! 

We know it's hard to believe, but we actually managed to create something that is both an elegant scarf and a high tech microfiber towel in one piece. Think of them as a scarf that keeps you dry or as an elegant towel. However you see it, it definitely will make you are more sought for partner on the dancefloor or on stage.

Why microfiber?

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We love natural materials, woolen vintage suits and everything, but in the case of towels, microfiber is just better in every aspect.

  • Better for the environment - They are made from recycled plastics so they actually reduce the plastic in the world. Look at: https://fb.watch/2ZxGnQPwkm/
  • Better for absorbtion - 1/3rd more absorbtion than a kitchen towel
  • Antibacterial
  • Lighter
  • Dries 1000%faster (Yes, it's three 0's)

How much liquid can they absorb?

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The towel absorbs about 300% of its own weight in water. That is about 170-180ml of water, or almost a full glass of whine ;). And it does that super quickly and diies impressively fast.

We tested it all in this video for you: https://fb.watch/2Zi5LKuDnJ/

Why are your towels 30x120?

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1. The BJ Dancetowels are not meant to be hidden. They are meant to show that their wearer takes care of him/herself and his/her style. Smaller towels have the tendency to look like cleaning-towels. This size looks like a scarf, or something unknown that the others have never seen before. These are pieces you wear with pride.

2. The more surface you have, the more liquid they can absorb and the quicker they dry. If it is really humid and you sweat a lot you will want a towel that has different spots for you to dry your head.

3. A small towel will fall down easily if you hang it over a chair or an armrest. The BJ Dancetowel is long enough to be stable on a chairback or armrest, and short enough to not hang onto the floor. 

4. We come from Germany, so our ancestors are the Swing Kids who wore extravagant opera scarfs to show that their love for swing music was stronger than the pressure of the authorities. We live in the tradition of these men and women. Their Opera Scarfs were 120x30.

5. Being the size of a scarf, you can actually use it as an elegant scarf when the night has become cold outside while you were dancing.

Does your towel have a hanger?

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No, It does not!

The towel is meant to look like an elegant scarf. Elegant scarfs dont have hangers. A hanger would completely destroy the look.

The 2nd reason is that we saw some people on the dancefloor who had their microfiber towels on a carabiner hanging from their waist and flapping around while dancing. That looked horrible, and we wanted to make sure that noone gets that idea. :D

We even made it so that the washing information can be very easily removed and the design is not affected by the removal of the washing label. 

Treat it like an elegant scarf!

How much does a towel weight?

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We all love to travel, well maybe not the traveling part, but the "being somewhere else" part of it. So it's important to keep the weight of the luggage low.

One towel weights 180g that's because it is high tech material that is also used for mountain expeditions.