BJ Dance Towels (Early Bird only till May 1st!)

By Dancers for Dancers and Musicians

We developed our BJ Dance Towels from our own experience as dancers and musicians in late night ballrooms, heated jam circles and sun filled pavilions,  on light filled stages and amidst the crowd.

We wanted a Towel that would dry fast and match our elegant evening Outfit and also be high tech and functional.

Thats why we created the BJ Dance Towels, so you can Swing and Sweat in style.

Perfect size

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The original scarfs of the Swing Kids were 30cmx120cm. We found that to be the perfect size for the BJ Dance Towels aswell. You can use different sections to dry your head and casually hang it over a chair to dry while you rock your socks off.

High tech fabric

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Perfect blend of 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
100% 200 GSM Microfiber
Ultra absorbant
Total Weight: 70g
Washable at 60°C

Recycled material

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We Lindy Hoppers dress vintage and think progressively. So for us it was important to reduce the waste in this world and leave it a better place. So our BJ Dance Towels are made from recycled plastics.


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Washable at 60°C

The microfiber poores of our BJ Dance Towels are so small, they take bacteria with them. 
It was very important for us to be able to make them washable at 60°C (30°C is the standard for microfiber) so that bacteria gets eradicated during the washing, so even though they are 80% polyester they allways smell fresh . 

Fast drying

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In Lindy-Hop you usually dance 1-3 songs with the same partner (depending on the region you are in, it's two in Germany). So we created a towel that dries within a few songs. We won't promise that it's dry after 3 songs, but it definitely dries really fast. Look at our tests.

Swing history inspired design

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All of our designs are 100% swing history. We spend about 4 months on each design to make it perfect as it is. 

Gosia, who is also a Shag instructor is our head designer and she allways makes the designs even better than we expected. 

We wanted to create something that you would not only be proud to wear at a swing event, but also something that is a conversation starter. "Hey, wow, that looks cool, what is it?" 

Insiders will immediately recognize the designs and will know you are one that takes the history of swing serious.

If you want to know more about the designs, go to the pages of the towels, there you will find what's the story behind every piece of the design.

Premium present box included

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It ain't what you do, it's the way how you do it, so we didn't just put them in a box, we designed a special box with a magnetic lid just for these towels. You can find four dance couples on it and if you look really close, you can find out who they are.