"Legends of Swing" 3-Pack


These dance towels are pure elegance in black and white, a true testimony to the people behind the music and they look just awesome! 

This series of three 30x30 cm microfiber Dance Towels, is inspired by the hand created lynocuts from Gosia herself. They are true works of art.

If you don't know who the musicians displayed here are, put your hands together for: Django Reinhardt on the guitarr, Count Basie on the piano and Lester Young on the saxophone. 

"Legends of Swing" 3-Pack

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Why Three?

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You will be very happy to have three because they are smaller than the 120x30 scarf sized Dance Towels so you don't have that much surface to use and you will want a fresh one after a while of dancing. 

And one day you might feel more Count Basie, one day you might feel more Django Reinhardt.

Why 30cm x 30cm?

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30x30 is just the perfect size to put it into your pocket. Some of the modern and some of the old time Lindy Hop dancers like to let their towels hang out of their back pocket as a style element. 

How long does it take to embroider?

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We are doing the embroidery in our living room, so we will finish your personalisation the same day you order it. (Unless one of the kids falls onto the machine while playing hide and seek.) So we can send out your Dance Towel the next workday just like any other order.

Embroidery Colors

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- Copper 

This colour is the ultimate form of elegant understatement. It perfectly matches the colors that are already within the Dancetowels, but still pops. The thread is made from 100% viscose which gives the embroidery a nice shine and thus lifts it up from the rest of the towel. 
This color is not about bragging, its a gentle appreciation. 

- Gold

This color is what's closest to real gold. It has a very nice shine to it and really stands out from any Dance Towel pattern. A name embroidered in this color is clearly visible but never overpowering due to it being gold and not yellow. 

It's an amazing color and I personally come to like this one more and more.

- Silver

Vintage Silver, Off-White, eggshell, vintage white ... all these names apply to this great color. Some would call it it white, but it's not laundry detergent commercial white.  Basically it's silver, but not the blueish vampire slaying kind, but more the real vintage silver necklace kind with a slight hint of yellow and green which makes it tie in so perfectly to the timeless elegance of the Dance Towels. 

Embroidery Position and Orientation

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By default we will put the embroidery diagonally in the bottom left corner of the Dance Towel. That's where we found it to look the best. 
If you want any other position, just add it to the form.

We will generally not embroider on the frame of the Dance Towel, because that will warp the fabric too much to look good.

Embroidery Sizes and Amount of Characters

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By default we will use size M for most embroidery projects. 
You can see the real size in the comparison picture with the 1€ coin.

If you want us to embroider anything that it longer than 10 characters, we will switch to size S or a combination of M and S because that's what looks best. 

For longer names like "Benedikt Jockenhöfer" we recommend using a short form like B. Jockenhöfer.

Embroidery process

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All stitching is done by ourselves in our living room in the center of Germany. Each name, each letter is set up by hand and carefully stitched into the the Dancetowel without using a stabiliser. This delicate process ensures that there is no additional waste generated and that there is no stabiliser residue on the back side of the Dancetowel. 

After all of that we go in by hand with some scissors and remove the so called "jump stitches". So this is real handmade.

It is overall possible for us to embroider other designs like dance schoo logos or band logos onto the Dance Towels, too, but if you want something like that please contact us beforehand since we would have to have an embroidery file created first, which also comes with additional costs.

Ultimately: Bringing a towel to your dances is something you do out of care for your dance partners and hundreds of dancers and musicians across the world have already joined this movement.

"I move a lot on stage. The Dancetowels are the perfect stage towels for me! Thank you!"

(Doc Puki - Ray Collins Hot Club - Germany)

"Seriously, amazing job all around." 

(Bobby White - Swungover - USA)

 I really love the pink towel designed by Tanya, that I received yesterday😍 It sits perfectly as a head wrap.

(Alex - Fashion designer - Belarus)

"What a great Idea! And also the packaging is incredibly beautiful" 

(Cosma and Tamy - Swing and Boogie teachers - Germany)

"Surprised him and he wore it all day" 

(Elizabeth Pascoe - USA)

"For people who like to sweat and look good while doing so, this is the towel!"
(Max -
Sazerac Swingers - Germany)
Click for the Video

"I actually use them on stage and between dances, but they are just perfect for this baby, too!"
(Franny - Dr. Bontempis Snake Oil Company -Germany)

"Spring has arrived and the savoy is on its head! Thank you Dancetowels!"

(Swing DJ Bunny Donowitz - Italy)

"I love the Dancetowel! Sadly it doesn't fit though the clarinet, otherwise I would use it for everything." 

(Denis Girault - 

 Denis Giraults Old Jazz Quartet - France) 

"It works great and looks awesome - fully recommended! Pic after training the Big Apple" 

(Wojciech Ko... 
Scientist - Germany)

"The Dancetowel is just 
the best towel for hiking! :D" 

(Leonardo Galotto 
Shag-Teacher - Italy)

"We love our Dance Towels!!!!"

(Patricia and Alexander Kjerulf - Electricenthusiasm Podcast

"Une super serviette! 

Séchage hyper rapide." 

(Kitty Rock Swing - Swing teacher  - France)

"He just loves aviation and dances with Lindy Hop Jersey"

"Such a great design!"
(Katja - Swing teacher and
Founder of Casually Fancy - Germany)

"I guess this is what happens when you find another Dance Towel owner at a concert!"

" Beautiful thoughtful design, super soft fabric and really practical,too!" 

(Joseph Sewell - Lindy Hop teacher and founder of Jiveswing UK)

A comparison of a vintage scarf with the dancetowel by

Laura Windley - Lindyshopper"

"Your towels are gorgeous! "  

With love from Paris.

"Your towels are awesome!" 

Jo Hoffberg - Ilindy.com