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Important update: Due to the war in Ukraine and since Tanya is from Ukraine, we decided to donate 100% of the profit generated by this design to go to a fund that is helping hospitals in Ukraine and it might save a Ukrainian who would rather be dancing than fighting.

Inspired by Tanya, Boogie Woogie and the colors of the 50ies this Dancetowel is so sweet, you want to taste it! This is definitely the perfect shade of 50ies pink straight from an original color palette and a polka dot pattern that really takes the design to the next level. Enjoy this beauty of a Dance Towel and maybe you will find Tanyas Sweet Secret. This is Tanyas vision of a cozy dance evening!

Tanjas Sweet Secret incl. shipping

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Free Premium Shipping       Free Gift Box included       Antibacterial      Dries super fast        Recycled Materials

Dancetowels are changing the way we dancers see and feel about towels.

Why is it, that so many dancers feel the need to hide the towels they bring to their dances?

Wouldn't it be great if everybody brought a towel?

Can a towel show your personality, your style, your care for yourself, for others and for the scene?

We developed our BJ Dance Towels from our own experience as dancers and musicians in late night ballrooms, heated jam circles and sun filled pavilions,  on light filled stages and amidst the crowd.

We wanted a towel that would dry fast and match our elegant evening outfit. A highly practical accessory that we wouldn't have to hide, but would be proud to show and inspire others to bring one, too. We wanted it to be useful and pretty. 

Thats why we created the BJ Dance Towels, so you can swing and sweat in style.

Design inspired by Tanya from "Tanya & Sondre"

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Many of you asked: Can we get a Dancetowel in pink? So Benedikt just wrote Tanya out of the blue and she was totally excited and on fire!
Yes, that, "10x Boogie Wooge world champion", Tanya: https://sondreandtanya.com/

And that Tanya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1ABmFvlqYU&list=PLVuuBGr-M3isYRC-uPfKtwFNVOSORxrRQ&index=20

Did you know that she designs all their costumes for their performances? 

So Tanya showed us some pictures and color combinations that she liked and after four months of  awesome work together we arrived at this awesome 50ies inspired design. 
The colors are straight from an original 50ies color palette from Dior and the silhouettes are one of Tanya and Sondres most known pictures.
This Dance Towel has a great fit to so many colors, Brown, Red, Black and it will allways look gorgeous and keep your neck dry and warm when its getting cold outside.

30 x 120, the perfect size

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The Dancetowels are 30cmx120cm. 

That's the size of the original scarves of the so called "Swing Kids", a German swing loving anti Nazi movement of the 1930ies. We found that to be the perfect size for the BJ Dance Towels as well. Not only because this size honours those that came before us, but also because it's very practical. 

  • Use different sections of the Dancetowel to dry your head
  • Hang it over a chair to dry while you rock your socks off, without having to fear that it might fall down. 
  • Take it with you from one room to the other, having it elegantly around your shoulders or neck.
  • Protect your neck from the cold when taking a quick breath outside
  • Warm your neck from the wind, snow and cold when going home after the party

High tech microfiber fabric

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Perfect blend of 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
100% 200 GSM Microfiber
Produced in the same factory where Porsche produces its microfiber
Ultra absorbant: Absorbs 300% of its own weight in water (Look at our test)
Total Weight: 70g
Washable at 60°C

Recycled Material

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We Lindy Hoppers dress vintage and think progressively. So for us it was important to reduce the waste in this world and leave it a better place. BJ Dance Towels are made from recycled plastics. That makes their production way more costly, but we believe it's worth it, and we hope you do, too.


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Microfiber is very different from other fibers. If you cut off a cotton fibre and look at it from above, it will be a circular shape. Microfiber has a star shape with up to 12 points, so it forms many pockets along the whole fiber. The microfiber pockets of our BJ Dance Towels are designed in such a way that bacteria is captured within them.

It was very important for us to be able to make them washable at 60°C (30°C is the standard for microfiber) so that bacteria gets eradicated during the washing. So even though you might have had bad experiences with smelly polyester clothing, the secret why the Dancetowels will never be smelly is because you can kill the bacteria captured within the pores by washing them at 60°C which is impossible with many other polyester products and microfiber towels.

Fast drying

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In Lindy-Hop you usually dance 1-3 songs with the same partner (depending on the region you are in, it's two in Germany). So we created a towel that dries within a few songs. We won't promise that it's dry after 3 songs, but it definitely dries really fast. Look at our test

Premium present box included

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If you give someone a present, the outside matters! Every part of the Dancetowels is pure swing. Even the box in which it comes. It ist designed in the style of the black and white film title captions, that you see in movies of Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. It has a magnetic lid and you will find four dance couples on it and if you look really close, you can find out who they are. It's a great fun challenge for a party, too.

Customer reviews: 

These are some of the pictures swing dancers and musicians from all around the globe sent us. Enjoy! 
(And make sure to send us a picture of you with your dancetowel aswell we would love to show it here.)

"I move a lot on stage. The Dancetowels are the perfect stage towels for me! Thank you!"
(Doc Puki - Ray Collins Hot Club - Germany)

"Seriously, amazing job all around."
(Bobby White - Swungover - USA)

 I really love the pink towel designed by Tanya, that I received yesterday😍 It sits perfectly as a head wrap. (Alex - Fashion designer - Belarus)

"What a great Idea! And also the packaging is incredibly beautiful" 
(Cosma and Tamy - Swing and Boogie teachers - Germany)

"Surprised him and 
he wore it all day" 
(Elizabeth Pascoe - USA)

"For people who like to sweat and look good while doing so, this is the towel!"
(Max -
Sazerac Swingers - Germany)
Click for the Video

"I actually use them on stage and between dances, but they are just perfect for this baby, too!"
(Franny - Dr. Bontempis Snake Oil Company -Germany)

"Spring has arrived and the savoy is on its head! Thank you Dancetowels!"
(Swing DJ Bunny Donowitz - Italy)

"I love the Dancetowel! Sadly it doesn't fit though the clarinet, otherwise I would use it for everything." 
(Denis Girault - 

 Denis Giraults Old Jazz Quartet - France) 

"It works great and looks awesome - fully recommended! Pic after training the Big Apple" 
(Wojciech Ko... 
Scientist - Germany)

"The Dancetowel is just 
the best towel for hiking! :D" 
(Leonardo Galotto 
Shag-Teacher - Italy)


"We love our Dance Towels!!!!" (Patricia and Alexander Kjerulf - Electricenthusiasm Podcast


"Une super serviette! 

Séchage hyper rapide."
(Kitty Rock Swing - Swing teacher  - France)

"He just loves aviation and dances with Lindy Hop Jersey"

"Such a great design!"
(Katja - Swing teacher and
Founder of Casually Fancy - Germany)

"I guess this is what happens when you find another Dance Towel owner at a concert!"

" Beautiful thoughtful design, super soft fabric and really practical,too!" 
(Joseph Sewell - Lindy Hop teacher and founder of Jiveswing UK)

A comparison of a vintage scarf with the dancetowel by Laura Windley - Lindyshopper"

"Your towels are gorgeous! 

Hope it get here on time!" (They did ;) ) With love from Paris.

"Your towels are awesome!" Jo Hoffberg - Ilindy.com